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The North Idaho Fair & Rodeo Foundation

The North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation is a 501(c) (3), established to help perpetuate the annual Fair and Kootenai County Fairgrounds -- preserving memories and assuring that new ones can be made. We are here to help the Fairboard financially by providing a separate, tax-sheltered vehicle for raising money through grants, corporations and individuals.

Surprising to many is the fact the the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation and fairgrounds does not have adequate funds to improve buildings, grounds and programs. We receive less than 10% of our annual budget from County taxes -- less than 67ยข per resident. This is why we now have the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation, to secure funding through donations, gifts and grants to help secure future success and existence. Funding is needed to constantly improve the existing fairgrounds, provide new youth opportunities, construct new facilities and continue to provide a community gather place.

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